Along with calorie restriction and a good antioxidant regimen there are many other anti-aging supplements to consider. It is slowly becoming clear that extending life through supplementation is indeed achievable. The news media are gradually acknowledging what has become obvious. There is evidence scientifically that suggests supplements do indeed considerably thwart free radical and inflammatory damages that are connected to aging process.

DHEA supplements are known to slow down the natural signs of the body’s aging, increase sex drive, and increase the depleted amount of estrogen and testosterone in the body. The supplement is used as a way to build up muscle and bone strength, as well as build the individual’s immune system. It will also help to alleviate mild depression. The supplement improves mood, advances memory recovery, and provides the user with more energy and excitement, making them feel younger and younger with each dose. Read more..

Omega- 3 Supplements:
The most prominent anti-aging factors of Omega-3 fatty acid supplements are brain function improvement, and maintain memory. These attributes are linked to youth in many ways, and the fatty acids will also reduce many other signs of aging. It’s even known to prevent age-related blindness and cataracts. The telomeres in our chromosomes are the mark of biological aging (they shorten as we age), and Omega-3 fatty acids have been scientifically proven to lengthen them and restrict the body’s aging process.

As the main active ingredient in Turmeric, Curcumin supplements slow down the aging process by releasing healthy bioactive compounds into the bloodstream. Circumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that fights invading bacteria at a molecular level. Supplements containing Curcumin will naturally ward off any body-defying diseases, and provides improved brain function and lower risk of neurological disease. It lowers the risk of heart disease, prevents cancer, and Alzheimer’s; all of which are associated with the natural aging process. Read more..

Testosterone, Estrogen, and Progesterone:
As we age, our hormone levels naturally decline, and we cannot survive without them. They act as a way to tell our bodies what needs to be done (build necessary proteins; instruct cells to multiple, etc). Men taking testosterone supplements will feel the slowing of their aging process, as the hormone begins to reintroduce the blood cells to their natural and youthful capabilities. Estrogen works the same way for women. Progesterone works in women to revitalize the uterus, vagina, and sex drive, making the user feel youthful and slow down aging.

Coenzyme Q10:
Research implies that this supplement can add up to 9 years onto the user’s life expectancy. It helps mitochondria work more effectively, and protects the heart better than any other supplement on the market. The mitochondrial efforts of the human body determine the speed of aging, and taking this supplement will ensure that mitochondrion works as effectively and as long as humanly possible. It preserves brain function and also slows down neurological degeneration. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties hit the hardest in areas that affect natural aging, preserving the user’s youth.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate
This supplement is used to reverse and restore the natural cellular aging and systematic slowing down of the human body. This supplement also restores energy to mitochondria, preserving our natural energies and functions that were available in our youth. The decline in mitochondrial activity is responsible for cardiovascular and neurological disorders, and this supplement can restore and revitalize the activities in our cells to restore us back to our natural (and youthful) state of supplying necessary energy to maintain healthful functioning.

Carnosine shields our bodies from the oxidation and DNA damage that occurs as we age. The levels of Carnosine are high in youth, and deplete with age; making this supplement an age defying revelation. This supplement increases mobility, and improves cognitive function and cardiovascular performance. It decreases the risk for heart and other lung damage, as well as tissue damage. Restoring our youthful amounts of Carnosine will preserve our youthful state, and decrease the signs of aging in ailing (and healthy) adults. It also protects our minds from neurodegenerative disease, and improves brain function.

Lipoic Acid:
This supplement reverses mitochondrial decay, and preserves our youthful state of cell regeneration, increased cellular energy, and prevents cardiovascular problems. Its anti-aging properties are scientifically proven, and can restore our cellular energy output to that which our bodies achieved in its 20s. It reduces appetite and increases metabolism in order to prevent obesity and diabetes, and let us live a longer and healthier life, with less stress and more power to for mitochondria to work naturally again, and reduces the risk of decreased brain function and neurological disease.

Pterostilbene has powerful antioxidant properties, and is used to increase longevity by increasing and improving cognition, and supporting a healthier cardiovascular system. It lowers harmful cholesterol and raises healthy cholesterol. While the compound is found in fruits (such as blueberries), the levels are not enough to maintain the anti-aging properties that we desire. The supplement provides proficient levels to rejuvenate tissues and prevent further damage and decreasing telomere shortening. It protects against cancer, and is a natural enemy of harmful bacteria.

NAD nicotinamide:
This supplement will also revitalize mitochondria and the energy output of our cells to perform necessary functions. As we age, the mitochondrial efforts decrease, and raising them back to their original limits will prevent premature aging, reverse tissue and cell damage, and reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity. It is linked the decrease neurological disease and the decrease in brain function that happens naturally when we age. Using this supplement to restore mitochondrial activity to its youthful state will continuously slow down the aging process.