Partial list of foods high in quercetin


•             Red Onions – onions, scallions

•             Watercress

•             Blueberries, blackberries and cherries

•             Black plums

•             Lingonberry. chokeberry, cranberry

•             Buckwheat

•             Red Delicious Apples (50 mg in one apple)

•             Red or Black grapes

•             Sweet potato

•             Citrus fruit

•             Tomatoes

•             Broccoli

•             Leafy Greens

•             Black or green tea


Quercetin gives certain foods their color, and can be found in many vegetables and fruits. Cooking the onions reduce the potency of flavonoids. Eating raw vegetables can give you up to thirty percent more quercetin than cooked.

Many of the foods we eat contain flavonoids: complexes created by plants. The American Cancer Society says quercetin is an antioxidant; one that is a natural anti-inflammatory, which can help inhibit some illnesses.