Calorie RestrictionCalorie Restriction with Optimum Nutrition or CRON, is a longevity approach to reduce calorie intake to twenty to forty percent lower than is normal, while keeping a nutritionally optimum level of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Stark calorie restriction is often a dangerous practice for dieters which can cause various types of starvation. Adequate nutrition is vital for proper health. This can easily be over-looked when following a calorie restriction diet.

In 1934 researchers at Cornell University observed that strictly reducing calories for lab rats caused life spans to double that of usual. Most important is that these rats showed an extreme delay in the onset of age related illness, and demonstrated lesser signs of aging in general.

Among many things, calorie restriction has been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure in humans. In one calorie restriction study, partakers showed triglyceride levels were so extraordinary they were fewer than the bottom 5 percent of the country and though the participants were ages thirty-five to eighty, the levels were similar to those of ten year olds. In order to keep health and wellbeing optimum during a calorie restriction diet, minerals vitamins, and other nutritional supplements would be included.