Have you caught the new trend of exercise known as antigravity yoga/suspended yoga/aerial yoga?

Looks extraordinarily stupid, while at the same time kind of dangerous. But then again, who better to be met with an aerial yoga accident then some pseudo-spiritual pretentious yoga nut?

I mean just look at them; hangin’ there like a bunch of goof balls! Do they really not have anything better to do?

You could almost imagine how this could have been invented; one day somebody hanging from “fill in the bank” said to themselves, “Gee, I wonder if I can do a yoga pose, without breaking my neck?” And Voilà, aerial antigravity yoga was born!

The object of this type of antigravity yoga is comparable to traditional yoga in that you are exercising your body and mind to stay strong and healthy.
However, the variation is that it’s achieved hanging, often times upside down through the aid of a stretching material which is attached to the ceiling or wall. This method of yoga also accomplishes various degrees of inversion therapy. As the body is hanging and is often inverted, the strengthening and training of muscles that are seldom used can be attained. Holding inversions can also have an impact on coordination and body movement, which may be especially beneficial to those with multiple sclerosis.


Can you imagine coming upon this at your local park?


It is said that once your body begins to familiarize itself with these new anti-gravity yoga movements, you will feel much more animated since your skeletal and muscular systems are less stressed and limited. It is said that your mind feels clearer and keener.

It’s still somewhat new – however, more and more yoga studios are offering it with yoga classes. In many poses and stretches, you don’t have to be concerned with experiencing much strain on your lower back because the hanging material holds your body weight partly. In addition, it can improve your body alignment and flexibility. It may also improve blood flow throughout the body.

It is said that this type of suspended yoga can help boost your digestive system and other excretory organs to help eliminate waste and toxins more completely.  Which is probably a bunch of hooey, but who knows, if you feel cleaner – right on!

Again, it is said that aerial/suspended yoga classes are usually affordable. You may want to request a private yoga instructor to help you get started. If you are suffering from arthritis or fibromyalgia, you may want to consider this form of yoga as it can alleviate certain strains associated with traditional yoga.

Beginners should not perform antigravity yoga alone without a yoga teacher nearby to help oversee the movements; unless of course you want to hurt yourself. Because unlike traditional yoga where the pose or movement can be performed easily, accidents such as falling and breaking your bones including your neck are very possible.

Namaste and all.